Dr. Monique Koppel 231

Quick Reference Guide

Professor Koppel taught at University of Maryland College Park from 2001-2007. She resumed her teaching in Spring 2015. I've been a full time tutor since 2010, and below is my personal guide to her teaching style that I have observed since 2015.

POINTS BREAKDOWN: 20% Non-Exam, 80% Exam & Final
- Dr. Monique Koppel provides more non-exam point opportunities than most 231 professors at UMD. They include her graded homework, clicker points, clicker homework, extra credit and optional online OWL homework.

Estimated Curve: A/B & B/C cutoff: 10-15%, C/D cutoff: 15-20%

Graded Homework: Straightforward questions and often repeated from past semesters.

Clickers (In Class): 1 point/question for participation, not accuracy.

Clicker Homework: Graded on accuracy, but you have 2 days to work out correct answer, and the questions always reflect lecture material.

Bonus Points: There's a 5-20 point bonus assignment, which does not count against your grade but is a boost outside the curve.

OWL Online Homework: This is optional and will not hurt your grade if incomplete. But will provide a boost if your grade is at B/C or C/D cutoff. Roughly 180 questions need CORRECT answers within 15 weeks. Questions can require a range from 10 seconds to 30 minutes. Students have tried finding answers on Chegg last minute, however, they are sometimes incorrect and lead to panic. Working with a tutor like myself will help you figure out the answers on your own 10 times (10x) faster!

- Medium difficulty, but consistent across all semesters.
- 3 Exams per semester @ 125 points each.
- 6-9 questions per exam, and 8-25 points each.
- 5 point bonus on each test.
- Students who tutor with me will learn exam strategies curated from 8 semester's worth of Dr. Koppel's CHEM 231 exams.

- Contact me for tutoring if you're interested in study strategies for Koppel's final exam.

Download CHEM 231 Syllabus (Most Recent Fall 2018)