Dr. Michael Montague-Smith (MS) 241

Quick Reference Guide

Professor Montague-Smith (MS) has been teaching at University of Maryland College Park since Fall 2004. I've been a full time tutor since 2010, and below is my personal guide to his teaching style that I have observed since then.

17% Non-Exam (~100 points), 83% Exams & Final (600 points)
Estimated Curve: This class IS CURVED.
Grade Cutoffs: A/B = Top 22-23% of class. B/C cutoff = Median. C/D = ~50-55% Grade
Clickers: In lecture and discussion, 100 points. 1 point each for participation. Accuracy not necessary.
Clicker Homework: None.
Bonus Points: NEVER
NOTE on B/C Cutoff: If the B/C cutoff is based on the median score, that means the top 50% of grades (or top half) will receive at least a B- grade. In other words, stay "ABOVE AVERAGE!"

- Medium Difficulty - ~45% short answer. ~15-20% Mechanism. ~10-26% Synthesis. ~12-20% Spectroscopy.
- Short Answers: Always find the products. Never starting material or reagent.
- Mechanism: Dr. MS provides a list of mechanisms ahead of time to study. No need for second guessing.
- Spectroscopy: 1 - 2 problems to find the exact structure of unknown compound.
- Exam 1 = 100 points. Exam 2 & 3 = 125 points each.
- Montague-Smith (MS)'s style is THE MOST consistent and asks the same set of topics
- With 15+ semester's worth of tutoring, I've developed a specific strategy to jump 2 letter grades on Dr. Montague-Smith's CHEM241 exams.

- Contact me for tutoring if you're interested in study strategies for Montague-Smith (MS)'s final !

Download CHEM 241 Syllabus (Most Recent Fall 2018)