Dr. Amanda Schech 131

Quick Reference Guide

Professor Schech has been teaching at University of Maryland College Park since Fall 2017. As a full time tutor since 2010, below is my personal guide to her teaching style that I have observed since 2017.

23% Non-Exam (150 points), 77% Exams & Final (500 points)
Estimated Curve: 15 - 25%.

Clickers (In Class): 50 points. 1 point/question: 0.5/accuracy, 0.5/participation.
Clicker Homework: None.
Bonus Points: Only 4 points on one exam.
Mastering Chemistry Online Homework: ONLY 3 attempts allowed/1 problem. 10 problems/1 homework. 10 homeworks total. 100 points. Graded on ACCURACY, not completion.
NOTE on Attempts: Dr. Schech has the most punitive grading policy for homeworks. There's only 3 attempts per problem, but each incorrect attempt deducts partial credit! It's very easy to enter the incorrect answer due to rounding error, or entering incorrectly. Some professors offer UNLIMITED attempts for every problem, but not Dr. Schech.

- Medium Difficulty - Mix between short answer and long questions that involve multiple concepts. For multi part questions that are greater than 15 points, you'll likely bomb the question if you make a math mistake in part a), which affects your numerical answer in parts b) c) and d).
>50% of exam questions are real world application based.
- 3 Exams per semester @ 100 points each.
- 5-11 questions per exam, and 3-27 points each.
- Schech's style has not been consistent since she's only taught 2 semesters.
- Students who tutor with me will learn exam strategies curated from 2 semester's worth of Dr. Schech's CHEM 131 exams.

- Contact me for tutoring if you're interested in study strategies for Schech's final exam.

Download CHEM 131 Syllabus (Most Recent Spring 2018)